fredag 12 december 2014

A reflection on consumption

When I first went green I did it partly to reduce my consumption of shampoo and conditioner, because all those empty bottles really bothered me. I didn't do it it replace one kind of empty bottle with even more of another kind.

That seems to be what has happened to me lately however.

In these days of christmas presents and giveaways and gift guides and christmas decoration hauls and so on and so forth, I've really been considering my own consumption.

The extreme buying of things I don't need goes against everything I believe in, and yet I have in the last year been heading very far in that direction. Since the beginning of the year, when I discovered how much fun makeup is, I have built up quite an extensive collection.

I had a look at my collection a while ago, and realised that I had almost everything I need. (Well, I obviously have more than I need, but you know that I mean). I put myself on a makeup buying ban for the last two months of the year, and now that December is gonna be over pretty soon I can honestly say that there are only a few things that I feel that I am missing. After that, I think I can start to only purchase things that I am super interested in, like any new collections that are themed after any of my fandoms. Because for a while, I feel like was getting every eyeshadow I could get my hands on as long as I didn't have that exact colour.

When I started going green with my skincare, I really went back to basics. I have a few oils that I know suit my skin and that I use for different things, and I can combine them together with some other ingredients to make other useful products. For a long while my philosophy was that I would only put things on my skin that I wouldn't be afraid to eat.

Lately though, I've been finding myself wanting to buy a lot of skincare. I've also found myself trying out multiple things at the same time. For example I think I have four different moisturisers that have been opened. It really is a waste, because I'm not going to be able to use all of them up until they go bad. I also already have a favourite moisturiser, so why did I feel the need to open the other ones until that one had run out?

I don't like where my consumption pattern is going right now - especially when what I really believe in, and want to do, is find favourites and stick to them.

The same goes with books. My bookcase is filled to the brim and I also have piles of books lying around the flat. I simply cannot buy more books, since I have nowhere to store them.

Therefore, from now on I am going to try really hard to check my consumtion. I am going to try and break the habit of purchasing things just for the sake of buying. I am going to try and remind myself that I have more than everything I need. And finally, I am going to try purchasing one kind of product only when I need to repurchase after I have run out.

måndag 1 december 2014

Christmas wishlist

People who know by in other way than my blog may not know how obsessed I am with Christmas. Well, I am. It is literally the best time of the year and I walk around in a happy haze and humming Christmas songs the month before.

Aaanyway. I've put together a little Christmas wishlist to show you what I'd be very happy to find underneath the tree this year.

Maria Åkerberg lipstick in Classic Red. I would really like to try this lipstick by Swedish brand Maria Åkerberg. But as I have put myself on a no-buy for makeup until the new year (which I broke a few days ago, but more on that another time) I decided to put it on my wish list instead.

Suti Skincare Nourish Face Oil. We got a little sample of this in the #greenbeautymeetup goody bag. I've been using this at night and I love it so much am dreading the day it runs out. It really does wonders for my winter dry face.

Necklace Ta Plats by Karins Konstgrepp. Karin, who makes these necklaces, is one of my favourite artists as well as bloggers. She is utterly awesome and hilarious. The text on the necklace loosely translates to: 'Be troublesome. Take up space. Raise your voice and don't back down. We'll hold eachother's hands when it gets scary."

Of course I would also love a few books.

Jane Austen by Claudia L Johnson. Austen is one of my absolute favourite authors and I'm looking to learn more about her. I have been told this book is a good place to start.

För Lydia by Gun-Britt Sundström. This is a retelling of the Swedish classic Den allvarsamma leken (The Serious Game) by Hjalmar Söderström. This time the story is told by the female main character instead of the male one, and as I thought she was a much more interesting character than him, I'm really excited to read this.

Utan personligt ansvar by Lena Andersson. A sequel to the fantastic Egenmäktigt förfarande, which is without a doubt one of the best books I read this year.

What is on your Christmas lists this year?


tisdag 25 november 2014

New makeup collection video

If you're like me you love watching makeup collection videos. I don't know what it is about them, but I can spend hours watching how others have stored and organised their makeup. It's an absolute delight. A few days ago I filmed my second collection video. The first one I made when I was just starting out with YouTube at the beginning of the year. My interest in makeup has only grown since then and with that my collection has expanded. You can watch both videos below.


torsdag 20 november 2014

Bodhi and Birch Rosa Rosa review

I have been using two of the products from the Bodhi and Birch Rosa Rosa skincare set for a few weeks now, and I just couldn't hold off any longer, I have to tell you how much I love them!

I was given these two products at the Green Beaty Meetup in Reading back in October. You can watch my video review of them here, or continue reading below:

The cleanser:
This cleanser is absolutely amazing for my dry skin. Most other cleansers I have tried have either stripped my face of moisture or not cleaned it thoroughly. This, however, manages to be deeply cleansing without leaving the skin on my face feeling dry and tight.

The moisturiser:
I have nothing but good things to say about this moisturiser. A little goes a long way and I only need to use a little less than a full pump for each application. I really do not know how to describe this other than to say that it is simply perfect. Provides so much moisture without being too heavy. In the dry climate here i Sweden I do feel the need to apply an oil or serum on top of it to my dry patches, but there was no need for that while I was still in England.

The negatives (for both):
Firstly, the scent. Both of these products are quite heavily scented and it might not be to everyones taste. It took some getting used to to me. It smells kind of how a baroque still life painting looks, at least to me. However, the scent does not linger, so you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed with the smell of it for any longer periods of time.

Secondly, the price. These products are both quite expensive to me, as I am living on student loans. The cleanser is £32 and the moisturiser is £35. If you are able to stretch your budget to buy these though, I definitely think they are worth it, especially if you have been struggling to find products to suit your dry skin. There is a trial size kit for sale at the Bodhi and Birch website.

Overall, these products are aboslutely amazing, and I definitely see myself repurchasing them. (Even if I have to eat ramen noodles for a week).

You can get Bodhi and Birch products at (among others) their own website. There is also a Swedish distributor called Alice and White.

These products were given to me, I did not pay for them myself. However, I receive no compensation for this review, monetary or otherwise. All opinions are my own, and alwasy 100 percent honest.

torsdag 13 november 2014

A taste of power

I recently got my first real taste of consumer power. I really liked it.

Maria Åkerberg is a Swedish brand och skincare and makeup that I was eyeing for a long time before I found them on an online shop (the're almost exclusively sold at skincare salons). I have written about their mascara before, and I will make a more extendes review of it now that I've used it a bit more. I also have a few samples of some of their skincare products that I'm trying out at the moment, so expect a review of those in the future too.

Anyway, one of my favourite Swedish green beauty bloggers recently posted a picture of two of their lipsticks on instagram, and the craving hit me. It hit me bad. I immediately went on to their website to check the ingredients, and was severely disappointed when one of the listed ingredients was carmine. It was especially disappointing as the info page on their site said that the only animal derived ingredient they use is beeswax, which I would be okay with since I'm not vegan.

Some of my green beauty pals advised me to email them my critique, which I did. Today they got back to me, thanking me for my input and letting me know that the ingredient list on their website was actually wrong and that they did not have carmine in any of their products. Yay! The ingredient lists on the website have now been corrected.

I feel a strange sense of pride that I actually helped clear that up. Sometimes it pays off being really picky with ingredients lists.

PS. I also emailed another Swedish cosmetics company that lists carmine as one of their ingredients, questioning their choice to use it when they are otherwise cruelty-free. I will get back to you if they respond.

fredag 31 oktober 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour

When it was first decided that I was going to go and visit Rachel, we weren't quite sure what we would do on the Monday. I got very overexcited and suggested (nay, shouted) to her that we should go to the Harry Potter Studios, while I somewhat expected her to have already been there several times. Turns out she hadn't been there either, and she got equally as excited as me at the prospect.

As you will see in her vlog (that I think she will upolad tomorrow), we were literally bouncing with happiness when we got there. It was absolutely magical (see what I did there?) and everything I had ever hoped it to be. I was proper emotional when we went in through the doors to the Great Hall.

See my vlog of the tour here, or enjoy some photos below.


onsdag 29 oktober 2014

#greenbeautymeetup in Reading!

On Saturday, I got on a train to get to the airport to get to another train and change for another train and then get a ride in a car and found myself at Rachel's. I spend Saturday evening till Tuesday morning with her and we  did so many fun things!

First thing's first (I'm the realest)*. On Sunday, Jen picked us up and we drove to Reading together. At the Oracle, we met up with a few other lovely people to go shopping and have lunch and chat. I absolutely loved meeting everyone and they all made me feel so welcome even though I hadn't met any of them before! Thank you to Rachel, Jen, Amber, Hephzibah, Katie, Sarah, Annie, Carrie and Liz for letting me tag along and for being so sweet to me!

Sarah, Rachel and Jen had also put together an awesome goody bag for us all. It was huge! You can see my haul video of it here.

Let me know if there is anything you want me to review or talk more about!

Malin x

* I don't even like Iggy but can't help thinking about that song.
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söndag 31 augusti 2014

Harry Potter Lookbook - Chamber of Secrets

It is the last day of the month, which means it is time for another video in The Book Bunnies' Harry Potter collab series. We read one book a month and finish the month with a makeup look inspired by said book.

Products used in the video:
The All Natural Face Vegan Eyeshadow Primer
Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadow in No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio
Idun Minerals eyeshadow duo in Ormrot
Brija Cosmetics eyeshadow in Game
Silk Naturals eyeshadow in Scene Stealer
Maria Åkerberg Mascara
Silk Naturals Slick Stick in Bramble

onsdag 27 augusti 2014

Skincity, Maria Åkerberg and Neal's Yard Remedies

A while back I learned that my all time favourite mascara from UNE Beauty is not cruelty free. This sent me on a hunt for a new one, something I did not look forward too as it would probably take me forever to find a new one that I liked as much as the one from UNE.

However, I siezed the opportunity to try a mascara that one of my favourite makeup bloggers uses and continues to rave about. It seemed to only be sold in beauty salons and be somewhat hard to get a hold of, but I managed to find an online store that carries the brand Maria Åkerberg. It's a Swedish natural and organic brand and if their products were a bit cheaper I'd probably have ordered a lot more things. But for now, let't talk about the mascara.

The store,, also carried Neal's Yard Remedies, a brand I fell in love with the last time i visited London, but I never took the chance to pick up something from their shop. I ordered their face wipes.

I recieved my order within a couple of days and the items came very nicely wrapped like this, and it always makes me happy when some time and effort has been put into packaging.

I opened it to find this, which turned out to be a tote bag. Those things always come in handy.

Apart from the tote bag there were three other "gifts" in the package. A small makeup bag, a BareMinerals foundation sample, and a small Japanese doll, Kokeshi, which they described as a sign of gratitude. This however, I would rather not have recieved as the way they write about it on the little box it came in is nothing but creepy: "Our paths crossed on a journey to Shanghai. She stood there so cute and perfect. I wanted to bring her home." What, really? There are so many things wrong with this. They apparantely don't even know the difference between China and Japan. There was an option at the checkout to not get any free gifts with your order, and I'm definitely going to check that box the next time I order.

Anyway, moving on to what I actually ordered.  I've tried the mascara a few times so far, and my first impression is that it is a bit too wet. I hope it dries a little after a while, because right now it is kind of hard to handle. I also got some of it in my eye, and mother of Thor, it hurt.

The facial wipes did their job perfectly, and even though I will not use them every day, it's the kind of thing I'd gladly take with me for makeup removal on the go!

torsdag 21 augusti 2014

Chit Chat GRWM, London, Harry Potter and travels

LondonLotta - a Fenno-Swedish woman who moved to London
EmmyLinnea - Swedish photo blogger who went hiking in the Norwegian mountains
Essiebuttonvlogs - Estée and Aslan are currently on a road trip around Scandinavia

List of products used:
The All Natural Face pressed foundation
Zao Organics cream concealer
Tikei Minerals setting powder
Pumpkin and Poppy Oak Bark Contouring powder
Silk Naturals blush in Maybe Baby

Silk Naturals cream eye liner in Espresso
Silk Naturals eye shadow in Bareback

The All Natural Face Vegan Eye Shadow Primer
Silk Naturals eye shadow in Impact
The All Natural Face eye shadow in Rose Gold
Silk Naturals eye shadow in Bareback
Brija Cosmetics eye shadow in Bachelor Watson
UNE Beauty Green pride mascara (not Cruelty Free)

Silk Naturals slick stick in Tease


söndag 17 augusti 2014

Bookshelf tour

Fresh on my channel right now is a bookshelf tour. I'm looking to start doing a bit more "booktubing" and I thought that showing what books I own would be a good place to start. If there are any books that catch your eye in the video and you want to know more about, just let me know!


onsdag 13 augusti 2014

The Starting Over Tag

I decided to do the Starting Over Tag that I've seen a few other lovely ladies do. Below are the sixteen things I would repurchase if all my cosmetic and personal care items all disappeared!


tisdag 12 augusti 2014

Italy part 1

Last week I upoladed a vlog from my family's trip to Italy. I filmed a lot when we were there, but I also took many photographs. I decided to share a few of them here with you. These pictures are all from, I think, the first two days, and are pretty much all pictures of the place we stayed and its surroundings. As you can se the place was unfathomably gorgeous!


lördag 21 juni 2014

Easy peasy DIY - liquid soap

Ew, why are you showing us sewage? you may ask. Fear not, dear readers, for it is not sewage, but soap.

This is aleppo soap dissolved in water, which is by far the easiest way to get liquid soap with as few ingredients as possible. This also works with other soap bars, such as any other castile soap or African black soap.

Just shred, peel or cut pieces off the soap, put them in a bottle an fill up with water. Use different soap-water ratios to get the consistency you like. Done!

Small glossary:

Aleppo soap - soap made from olive oil and laurel oil, often in the Syrian city of Aleppo.
Castile soap - any soap that is based on olive oil
African black soap - West African soap made from shea butter and coconut oil, among other things.

Welcome to my blog!

Hey Guys!

Some of you might know me from my YouTube channel (JustMalin) where i mainly talk about natural (nontoxic, green etc.) skincare, haircare and makeup. I started this blog to accoompany that channel; to share things with you that might not be fitted for the video medium, or to go in to things in more detail than I am able to do in a video for example.

I chose to use Blogger as my portal since it seems to be the blog editor that is the most easy to work with and customize. I really like WordPress, but I honestly did not feel like sitting down to relearn all the web design knowledge that has fallen out of my head since my high school days. I also think it's very handy that you can comment with your Google account on here, since I'm guessing most of you have one of those.

So anyway, I hope you stick around! I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

Lots of love,
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