fredag 31 oktober 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour

When it was first decided that I was going to go and visit Rachel, we weren't quite sure what we would do on the Monday. I got very overexcited and suggested (nay, shouted) to her that we should go to the Harry Potter Studios, while I somewhat expected her to have already been there several times. Turns out she hadn't been there either, and she got equally as excited as me at the prospect.

As you will see in her vlog (that I think she will upolad tomorrow), we were literally bouncing with happiness when we got there. It was absolutely magical (see what I did there?) and everything I had ever hoped it to be. I was proper emotional when we went in through the doors to the Great Hall.

See my vlog of the tour here, or enjoy some photos below.


onsdag 29 oktober 2014

#greenbeautymeetup in Reading!

On Saturday, I got on a train to get to the airport to get to another train and change for another train and then get a ride in a car and found myself at Rachel's. I spend Saturday evening till Tuesday morning with her and we  did so many fun things!

First thing's first (I'm the realest)*. On Sunday, Jen picked us up and we drove to Reading together. At the Oracle, we met up with a few other lovely people to go shopping and have lunch and chat. I absolutely loved meeting everyone and they all made me feel so welcome even though I hadn't met any of them before! Thank you to Rachel, Jen, Amber, Hephzibah, Katie, Sarah, Annie, Carrie and Liz for letting me tag along and for being so sweet to me!

Sarah, Rachel and Jen had also put together an awesome goody bag for us all. It was huge! You can see my haul video of it here.

Let me know if there is anything you want me to review or talk more about!

Malin x

* I don't even like Iggy but can't help thinking about that song.
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