fredag 12 december 2014

A reflection on consumption

When I first went green I did it partly to reduce my consumption of shampoo and conditioner, because all those empty bottles really bothered me. I didn't do it it replace one kind of empty bottle with even more of another kind.

That seems to be what has happened to me lately however.

In these days of christmas presents and giveaways and gift guides and christmas decoration hauls and so on and so forth, I've really been considering my own consumption.

The extreme buying of things I don't need goes against everything I believe in, and yet I have in the last year been heading very far in that direction. Since the beginning of the year, when I discovered how much fun makeup is, I have built up quite an extensive collection.

I had a look at my collection a while ago, and realised that I had almost everything I need. (Well, I obviously have more than I need, but you know that I mean). I put myself on a makeup buying ban for the last two months of the year, and now that December is gonna be over pretty soon I can honestly say that there are only a few things that I feel that I am missing. After that, I think I can start to only purchase things that I am super interested in, like any new collections that are themed after any of my fandoms. Because for a while, I feel like was getting every eyeshadow I could get my hands on as long as I didn't have that exact colour.

When I started going green with my skincare, I really went back to basics. I have a few oils that I know suit my skin and that I use for different things, and I can combine them together with some other ingredients to make other useful products. For a long while my philosophy was that I would only put things on my skin that I wouldn't be afraid to eat.

Lately though, I've been finding myself wanting to buy a lot of skincare. I've also found myself trying out multiple things at the same time. For example I think I have four different moisturisers that have been opened. It really is a waste, because I'm not going to be able to use all of them up until they go bad. I also already have a favourite moisturiser, so why did I feel the need to open the other ones until that one had run out?

I don't like where my consumption pattern is going right now - especially when what I really believe in, and want to do, is find favourites and stick to them.

The same goes with books. My bookcase is filled to the brim and I also have piles of books lying around the flat. I simply cannot buy more books, since I have nowhere to store them.

Therefore, from now on I am going to try really hard to check my consumtion. I am going to try and break the habit of purchasing things just for the sake of buying. I am going to try and remind myself that I have more than everything I need. And finally, I am going to try purchasing one kind of product only when I need to repurchase after I have run out.

måndag 1 december 2014

Christmas wishlist

People who know by in other way than my blog may not know how obsessed I am with Christmas. Well, I am. It is literally the best time of the year and I walk around in a happy haze and humming Christmas songs the month before.

Aaanyway. I've put together a little Christmas wishlist to show you what I'd be very happy to find underneath the tree this year.

Maria Åkerberg lipstick in Classic Red. I would really like to try this lipstick by Swedish brand Maria Åkerberg. But as I have put myself on a no-buy for makeup until the new year (which I broke a few days ago, but more on that another time) I decided to put it on my wish list instead.

Suti Skincare Nourish Face Oil. We got a little sample of this in the #greenbeautymeetup goody bag. I've been using this at night and I love it so much am dreading the day it runs out. It really does wonders for my winter dry face.

Necklace Ta Plats by Karins Konstgrepp. Karin, who makes these necklaces, is one of my favourite artists as well as bloggers. She is utterly awesome and hilarious. The text on the necklace loosely translates to: 'Be troublesome. Take up space. Raise your voice and don't back down. We'll hold eachother's hands when it gets scary."

Of course I would also love a few books.

Jane Austen by Claudia L Johnson. Austen is one of my absolute favourite authors and I'm looking to learn more about her. I have been told this book is a good place to start.

För Lydia by Gun-Britt Sundström. This is a retelling of the Swedish classic Den allvarsamma leken (The Serious Game) by Hjalmar Söderström. This time the story is told by the female main character instead of the male one, and as I thought she was a much more interesting character than him, I'm really excited to read this.

Utan personligt ansvar by Lena Andersson. A sequel to the fantastic Egenmäktigt förfarande, which is without a doubt one of the best books I read this year.

What is on your Christmas lists this year?

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