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Freedom Mallows Review

This review is loooong overdue. Bad blogger!

I was contacted by Freedom Confectionery as they have recently become available in Swedish shops, and they wanted a Swedish blogger to do a review for them. I jumped on the opportunity, because how could I resist the opportunity do be a candy tester? (Which was my dream job for a time whan I was a kid, to be quite honest.)

They sent me five bags of their sweets. Their products are all gelatine free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. According to the product information enclosed in their email: "[t]he marshmallows have been created by Freedom Confectionery using a new binding agent made from natural extracts, which means that unlike virtually all other confectionery products, they contain no gelatine, which is derived from animal bones.

The gelling agent is a bio-gum taken from lily pads, which are grown on freshwater. This gelling agent is entirely sustainable as, being a bacteria, it can be cultured.

As well as being gelatine free, Freedom Mallows are gluten, nut and dairy free. The products are approved by the Vegetarian Society, The Vegan Society and Coeliac UK have a shelf life of 12 months."

Even though I'm a traditional eater myself, I think it's great that more sweets without animal derivatives are making their way on to the market. The mallows come in bags of 75 gram each, and in either vanilla or strawberry flavour. The two bags on the top are the adorable tiny Mini Mallows, and the three on the bottom row are, as you might be able to tell, larger, although not as large as "conventional" marshmallows usually are.

In the picture below is a list of ingredients, as written on the back of the bag.

As you will hopefully be able to tell from this somewhat blurry picture, the ingredients are pretty standard for sweets. The thing that stands out, obviusly, is the lack of gelatin. The gelling agent they use instead is carrageenan, an ingredient I myself am not so happy about, but I urge you to do some research and form your own opinion.

So onto what how they actually taste! Me and my trusted band of candy testers (my family) tried both the flavours, and we could all agree on this: They taste just like regular marshmallows, but a bit more compact. You can be the judge of wether that is a good thing or not, but we all liked them.

I haven't been anble to find an exact retail price for them here in Sweden, as there are no retailers in my area. On Freedom Mallows own website however, the sell for £2.49, and I think we could assume it is a similar price point over here. They are definitely more pricey than your ordinary marshmallow, but if you are vegan or vegetarian and craving mallows, I think you should give these a try!

Bonus picture: My cat really seemed to like the smell of the mallows, even in their bags, and I couldn't get her to stop sniffing them. She even tried to steal them from me when I had opened a bag!

Below is a list of retailers in Sweden, as I recieved it from Freedom Confectionery, Nov 2014.

Astrid och aporna Malmö
Gustav Möllers gata 2, Malmö
Astrid och aporna Växjö
Klostergatan 11B, Växjö
Coop Extra Mjölby
Kungsvägen 66, Mjölby
Coop Konsum Mårtenstorget
Mårtenstorget 11, Lund
Grooomingbox International AB
Götgatsbackens hälsokost
Götgatan 21, Stockholm
V. Norrlandsgatan 19 Umeå
ICA Supermarket Medborgarplatsen
Folkungagatan 56 Stockholm
ICA Supermarket Möllevången
Sofielundsvägen 21 Malmö
Kafé Agnez
Agnesgatan 11 Malmö
Barken Beatrices Gata 28 Göteborg
Matbolaget Eskilstuna AB
Karl Hovbergsgatan 32 Eskilstuna
Reco Organic Market Sweden AB
Östergatan 22 Svedala
Sven Stures väg 3 Söderhamn
Senza Glutine
Lars Forssells gata 28 Stockholm
Stockholmsvägen 26, port C Sollentuna
Gröna Boden
Vasaplatsen 13 Göteborg
Life Sundsvall
Storgatan 16 Sundsvall
Tantens gröna skafferi
Hågavägen 188 Uppsala
Firma Felicia Lundgren
Hällestad 311 Torna Hällestad
Seminariegatan 2 Göteborg

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