måndag 9 mars 2015


Novellix is a publishing house which publishes single short stories in a pocket format. They are not bigger than a post card, and four times every year, a new quartet is released. On the top row you can see four stories in a quartet by one of my favourite authors, Selma Lagerlöf. There's one by her on the second row as well, from the Swedish classics quartet. The three others on that row are newly written specifically to be published by Novellix. The three on the bottom row are from the quartet of Russian classics.

I wanted to share these books with you because I think this format for short stories are absolutely genius (plus they are all beautiful). The ones on the picture above I managed to get at the last book fair in Gothenburg when they sold them by weight in the publishing house's booth. Yes, I went a bit crazy but do you see how pretty they are??

These five were all released a few weeks ago and were written by Astrid Lindgren, one of Sweden's absolute best children's book authors (you might have heard of Pippi Longstocking) They published five of her stories instead of their usual four, probably because she's so awesome.

I need to figure out away to hang these on my wall, because they make me happy just by looking at them!
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