söndag 19 april 2015

Project Pan - Start

See my video clip intro here.

So after seeing how successful Rachel was in her Project 5 Pan, I really wanted to start my own. I need to somehow halt my makeup purchases right now, and I think forcing myself to use up some things I already own before buying something new will force me to not buy everything I see on impulse. I chose five products I want to try and use up, and they are:

Silk Naturals Slick Stick in Tease. 
I really like the Slick Sticks and I have a few of them, but I don't find myself reaching for this one enough. So to rediscover my love for it, I'm putting it in my project pan. I don't know how much I have left of it, since you can't get the product back in the tube if you wind it up.

Idun Minerals lipstick in Körsbär.
Idun Minerals is a Swedish brand from which I also own a few eyeshadows and a concealer (which we will get back to). This is one of the first, if not the first, natural lipstick I got, and I like the colour, the formula and the pigmentation a lot. However, I have found out that it contains carmine, something I was not watching out for when I bought it. I try to avoid carmine as much as possible in my cosmetics (I think this is the only item I own that contains it), so when I finish this I am not going to repurchase.

Silk Naturals sheer blush in Appeal.
This is just a sample size, but I have more peach blushes than I have use for, so I want to finish this one up to see if I even like peach blushes on me. I also managed to spill about half of it as you can see, so I have already made some progress. ;)

Silk Naturals Neopolitan Palette (highlighter only).
This is a cream product palette containing a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter. I don't get on at all with the blush, as the colour of it just makes my skin look like it's really red and irritated, and the bronzer is too yellow toned for me. I would have thrown this away were it not for the highlighter, which I really like. But I want to finish it up so I can throw the palette away and possibly get the highlighter in a full size.

Idun Minerals duo concealer in Strandgyllen.
I really like this concealer, and I use it both for under my eyes and on blemishes. However, this is now getting quite old, and the packaging has, as you can tell from the picture, broken. I want to finish this up soon so that it doesn't go bad, and so that I can get another one that is easier to take with me without fearing it will smudge on everything.

Those are all the products I'm currently including in my project pan. Do you think I have chosen wisely? I will be back in a few weeks with an update!
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