tisdag 30 juni 2015

Olive trees, street art and heat

I just last night (well, 4am this morning) got home from a week in Italy. I had the best time! We stayed at the sweetest hotel in a village called Signa just outside Florence.

I did spend most of my time by the pool with books and generally being very lazy, but I did get out and about a bit anyway. Here are some things I caught on camera.


onsdag 17 juni 2015

Favourite Natural Makeup Tag

I spent the last few slow hours at work today reading through Katie's blog archive all the way from the beginning and found this tag. I like a good tag, so I thought I'd do it.

What is your favourite foundation?
I've only tried two natural foundations, Tikei's mineral powder and The All Natural Face's cream, and I really like them both for different reasons. My favourite is the Tikei though. It ranges from light to heavy coverage depending on how much you build it up.

What type of foundation do you prefer - mineral, liquid, or cream?
Mineral powders, definitely.

Have you found a favourite natural mascara?
The one in the picture (UNE Green Pride Volume) is the best mascara I've ever used, natural or otherwise and my heart breaks a little everytime I think about the fact that they are not cruelty free. I'm considering emailing them again to see if their status has changed for the better.

In your opinion, what company makes the best pigments for eyeshadow?
Oh jeez, could you ask a more difficult question? Eyeshadows are my guilty-but-not-so-guilty pleasure and I love almost every single one in my collection. I seriously cannot choose, so I'll just name a few brands that I love: Brija Cosmetics, Shiro Cosmetics, Aromaleigh Cosmetics and Silk Naturals.

Have you tried to make any of your own natural makeup? If so, how did it turn out?
Not exactly makeup, but I have been known to make a lip balm from time to time. They're all right.

What makeup item was the hardest to switch over to a natural alternative?
A really, really good liquid eyeliner. I haven't tried very many though, so suggestions are appreciated.

Do you have any holy grail natural or non-toxic makeup products?
My Tikei foundation (when will I stop going on about it?), Pumpkin & Poppy Oak Bark contouring powder and Silk Naturals eyeshadow in Bareback.

What is your current go-to non-toxic lip product?
My Silk Naturals Slick Stick in Tease. It's part of my Project Pan. Also, it's beautiful.

What is your favourite natural cosmetics brand?
Again with the impossible questions! But I'm going to say Brija Cosmetics, because they're amazing all around.

tisdag 9 juni 2015

Travelling: England and Edinburgh 2012

I love travelling and I love sharing travel photos. I also love being nostalgic and to reminisce. So I thought we'd have a look back at  May 2012 when me and my best friend went on a backpacking trip around England and Scotland.

Our first stop was London. On the first night it was cold and rainy but we didn't care because we were in LONDON. We stayed in a hotel quite close to Victoria Station and had dinner at this pub that we found through looking up nearby places with Tripadvisor. Which I think is actually how we found all restaurants throughout the week. We both had burgers and they were great.

The next day we started walking to different sights. We stood at Buckingham Palace for a while but got bored, figured there must me more interesting things to see and walked on.

We were right, there were more interesting things to see. This for example. We still don't get it. WHAT.

Mandatory picture of Big Ben.

<3 We actually went to see it later in the week.

Went to Madame Tussaud's and acted awkwardly around the Colin Firth waxwork. It looked too real.

I'm pretty sure Oscar Wilde and I are related.

The next day we took the train to Brighton where we walked on the beach, had fish and chips on the beach and drank cider on the beach. You get the idea. We only spent a few hours there before we got on the train to Bath...

...where we (I) hade misjudged the distance from the train station to where we were staying, so we had to walk over two miles. It was so worth it when we got there though. Seriously, if you're ever in Bath, you need to stay here.

The next day we went to the Jane Austen Centre and looked like idiots but had a lot of fun.

A train ride later we found ourselves in Manchester. We ate at Tampopo and then went to bed early to get ready for what we were doing the next day. We had planned to go out, but it was the day of the Premiere League finals where United met City, so there were a few too many drunk football fans in the streets for our liking.

We went to Lyme Park, which were the exterior for Pemberley in Pride and Prejudice (1995)!! This was a huge moment for us, we've been fans of P&P since we were about 12. We spent a lot of time fangirling, before we walked the long way back to the station to get back in to Manchester, where we ordered too much Chinese food and went to bed.

Last stop before heading back to London and Heathrow: Edinburgh.

I fell head over heels in love with this goddamn city. Have been there once since, and I can not wait to go back again in a few months.

After two days there we took the train back to London, went to see Mamma Mia, almost missed the last train to Heathrow and slept on the floor of the departure hall, and went home.

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