söndag 9 augusti 2015

Things I've eaten lately

I've started posting pictures of food I eat under the hashtag #malineats. Check it out if you're interested! I'm not very detailed in the captions however, so I'd thought we'd have a look at the food I've eaten and what it actually is.

Fresh pasta with mascarpone, spnach and artichoke hearts. This was soo freaking good, and the leftover held up nicely for lunch at work the next day, which is always a big plus. I loosely followed this recipe, and added in the artichokes myself because I've recently discovered how good they are.

Toast. Mayonaisse. Eggs. Avocado. Salt. Dill. So simple, so good.

Polenta rounds with wilted spinach and sautéd mushrooms that had been marinated in soy sauce and garlic. Found the recipe here, but improvised with the mushrooms because I was too hungry to let them roast in the oven for 20 minutes. Very tasty, but I'd add a bit more parmesan than the recipe says for a better flavour (look at me sounding all Paul Hollywood-y).

Now, these I didn't make myself. Me and my friend went to Öland and had these, which are called kroppkakor and are a local specialty. They're basically potato dumplings with a pork filling, served with lingonberry jam, cream and butter. Not healthy, but very very delicious.

I had dinner with my mum a few nights ago and we had these mini burgers. Mine had fresh cheese, pickled cucumber and jalapeño chutney. I have to go back and get another one because yum.

There we have it! Hope you enjoyed this little look into what I ate. I know I could talk about food for hours, so expect another post just like this one in the future!

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