onsdag 30 september 2015

On compartmentalising myself

There are some stuff regarding my blog and my Youtube channel that I have been trying to work through for some time.

I've been blogging on and off since 2008. The blog I started then is now closed down, because it didn't mean anything to me anymore. Thinking about it now I don't ever think what I wrote then was something I was very passionate about.

The reason why that blog didn't work for me was that I was trying too hard to put myself and my blog into a category. I tried everything from writing about my daily life to posting only photographs without any text whatsoever.

I wanted to be niche, but it just was not working for me.

When I started my Youtube channel I just sort of happened to make my first video a small makeup haul, started talking to other people who made similar videos and kept on making videos about green beauty.

After a while though, and this always happens, my focus shifted to some other of my interests, which made it difficult for me to continue making videos about beauty. I tried, but it made me lose my passion for making videos.

When I started this blog, it was with the object of making it a sort of companion to my channel, hence it was also supposed to be about beauty. That hasn't really worked out either, as you might have noticed.

However, I have stopped seeing this as a failure on my part, because the only way I can keep myself from not shutting down my channel or my blog from frustration over not liking what I create, is not not set up any rules for myself.

Green beauty. Photography. My cat. Books. Tv shows. Weird introspective texts like this one. These are all part of who I am, and I don't seem to be able to take either of those parts away without losing touch with why I'm doing this.

I am not just one thing. So neither will my channel or my blog be.

onsdag 16 september 2015

Whole Foods haul

Yesterday Rachel and I went to Whole Foods in Cheltenham. It was my first visit to a Whole Foods, so I was super excited, mainly by the makeup and skincare. You don't often get to go in a physical shop and test things when you're into green beauty, so we went a little bit crazy at those shelves.

Honestly, I quite like browsing the groceries in new shops as well, and had a good look around. I really wish I had a Whole Foods in my area all  the time!

I picked up some stuff, even though I had pretty much promised myself not to. What can I say, I couldn't help myself!

You can watch my video haul here.


måndag 14 september 2015

Gorgeously Green Gathering

Yesterday, around 30 people gathered in a conference room at a hotel in Swindon. They were bloggers, brand representatives and other enthusiasts. Their common denominator was their shared  passion for green beauty. 

We all had the best time. It was wonderful to be able to spend the day with so many kind, passionate and knowledgeable people. I learned a lot during all the talks, most of which were held by incredibly inspiring people.

Talks were given by Rachael from Myroo, Elijah from Bodhi & Birch, Olga from The Rose Tree, Caroline from Weleda and Kim from Botanical Brands.

You probably know from before that I love Bodhi & Birch's Rosa Rosa series. Well, this time I got to try some of the other scents and I have to say I fell head over heels in love with the Pep Noir shower therapy.

I was so happy to get to know the brands Myroo and The Rose Tree, both of which I am afraid to say were new to me before this event. I was seriously impressed and inspired by both Rachael and Olga.

Kim from Botanical Brands presented the brands Lippy Girl and Living Nature, and the founders of those brands had both recorded a little video greeting for us, which I thought was really very sweet of them.

Weleda was the brand I felt I knew most about before, but it was nice to get some more background information about them. I did not, for example, know that they had been around since the 1920's.

To sum up, the entire event was fantastic and I think that Rachel, Jen and Sarah deserve all the praise in the world for bringing everyone together!

To watch my video from the day, click here.

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