måndag 15 augusti 2016

Decorating with things I love

The wall above my sofa has been bare in the three and a half years I've spent in this flat. Today I finally got around to putting up this shelf that's been sitting in my storage room for ages (thanks dad for helping me drill into the concrete wall).

It has hit me lately that, little gold pineapple aside, I hardly have any "traditional" decorations in my home. By traditional I mean little bric-a-bracs that you buy in an interior decoration shop. All the decorative items I own are in one way or another representative of my interests.

Two books by favourite authors, my mum's ABBA record which she graciously let me borrow, a storm trooper helmet, a cross stitch with a Shakespeare quote and a mini Tenth Doctor funko pop. All items that I had put on the within ten minutes of it being hanged. Items that reflect me. Items that make me happy. Items that make me feel at home.


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