tisdag 2 maj 2017

In my shower

While I have strayed a bit ingredient-wise in my makeup buying, my skin and hair care will probably always stay more or less green, since that's just what works the absolute best for my skin and hair. And don't even get me started on my poor scalp when I had a short lapse a while back and used shampoo with SLS, ugh. It was flake city.

However, now that my hair is short (yes, I went back to the pixie!) and not bleached to a gummy mess, I can use my absolute favourite shampoo and conditioner again without my wallet being stabbed repeatedly in the gut. John Masters Organics, my loves, my darlings. While I think the bottle of shampoo could be a bit longer lasting for something of that kind of price, the conditioner will last for-freaking-ever.

I have a small bottle of Bloom Remedies' Daily Cream Cleanser* in my shower just to use it up, basically. It didn't work very well for me to use in the evening, and I don't really cleanse my face other than with some toner on a cotton pad in the morning. But it's quite nice to keep in the shower if I ever want to cleanse my face a little bit more. It smells as lovely as all Bloom Remedies products ever, obviously. I feel like when it comes to scents they just get me, you know?

The star of the show: Pep Noir Bath and Shower Therapy from Bodhi and Birch. I get a bit teary-eyed just thinking about it. The greatest scent in the whole wide world that I just never seem to get tired of. I rarely put on any other perfume on the days I've used this, I just want to walk around smelling of this all day. Also, this bottle has lasted me for absolutely ages! I kid you not, I opened this in October 2015, and I am JUST NOW running out of it. I mean. If that isn't value for money I don't know what is.

*Products marked with an asterisk indicates PR samples. 


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